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Plemmons Leadership Medallion Nomination

Nominee Information


Please choose the appropriate category:


Contact information for 2 reference(s) must be included for this application. These references will be sent a link to submit letters of recommendation which should include relevant information that gives examples of the nominees leadership ability, dependability, integrity, self-confidence, maturity, and communication sklls ‚Äčthat reflect the nominee's ability to enrich the quality of student life and learning outside of the classroom.

Reference 1

Reference 2


Please upload a statement which supports this nomination for Plemmons Leadership Medallion. This statement should address the following aspects for the person you are nominating:

  • Work and involvement with students outside the classroom
  • Role or roles that have had an impact on the life of students on campus
  • Meritorious involvement- why does this person stand above others?

Nominator Information

In the event the nominee is unsuccessful in the Plemmons process, you can use the below application to "opt in" to other award nomination processes. Each award is housed in the Division of Student Affairs. Your nominee must meet the minimum award qualifications (e.g., a student employee for the Dunnigan award, a current Graduate Student for the Blimling award, etc.). Please select all awards for which you wish the nominee to be considered. Be sure to click the "Details" link for award requirements before "opting in."